Large closed- die forging

The strategic CPF capability of forging on the unique BECHE 40 and BECHE 35 counter-blown drop hammers, arranged in independent production cells, together with gas carousel furnaces, 16MN trimming hydraulic presses, de-scaling equipment, and forging manipulators capable of handling up to 1000 Kg load.

On the Beche hammers CPF produces closed-die forgings from 500 Kg to 900Kg from construction steels, highly alloyed steels, alloys of aluminum and copper, stainless steels, and special materials such as Titanium and Nimonic. The portfolio of produced forgings ranges from simple shapes such as wheels for gear boxes to highly sophisticated parts for aluminum propeller blades, blades for steam turbines, or connecting rods for large 4 stroke diesel engines where the combination of open-die pre-forging and closed- die forging is required.

Weight categories of large closed-die forgings:

Material Weight
Steal 50 – 700kg/ea
Al – alloys 20 – 200 kg/ ea
Cu – alloys 20 – 350 kg/ ea


Large closed- die forging ensures the exact forgings with minimal forging allowances to the final shape, and multiple forging ration. The advantage of CPF is own construction and production of necessary forging tools, which comes from the original design documentation from the customer.

This way of forging is suitable for customers with bigger projected or periodic series, and requests for maximum accuracy and the minimum need of final machining.

You can find the typical representatives of large closed- die forgings in the gallery.