Open-die forging

Forgings produced on three hydraulic presses, ranging from 6,3MN to 8MN, which are arranged in independent cells, together with gas heating or electric furnaces, and forging manipulators handling loads up to 4000 Kg.

On its open die presses, CPF produces the forgings up to a unit weight of 4000 Kg from construction steels, highly alloyed steels, alloys of aluminum and copper, stainless steel, and special materials such as Titanium and Nimonic. The portfolio of forgings ranges from simple shapes, such as shafts and pinions, to sophisticated shapes of connecting rods and crankshafts for compressors and other mechanical power transmission.

Weight categories of Open-die forgings

Material Weight
Steel 50 – 4000 kg/ ea
Al – alloys 10 – 500 kg/ ea
Cu – alloys 40 – 2000 kg/ ea


This way of forging guarantees forgings with requested reduction ratios. For these types of forgings, CPF offers also rough machining laser burning, or final machining on own equipment, or in co-operation with strategic partners.

Open-die forging is suitable for customers with single orders or smaller series, with no need of investment in forging tools.

You can find the typical representatives of open-die forgings in the gallery.